What is Leada?
Leada is an app for leaders of all professions. It provides two impulses per day that encourage users to observe, analyze and develop their leadership behavior. Further, Leada contains various tools, e.g. for self-management. Corporate clients may book programs on various leadership topics or order exclusive programs for their company. 

Who is Leada for? 
Leada is for companies, their leaders and, basically, for everyone. As an individual user, you can always register and download Leada for free. As a corporate client, you will receive an access code for your employees. Using this code, your employees will be able to access your company's exclusive account.

How does Leada work? 
Leada accompanies its users through the day. Depending on the time of the day and the specific situation, Leada will make different offers. Whether you accept an offer or not is entirely up to you. Basically, Leada sends you two impulses per week-day, one in the morning and one in the evening. These impulses discuss a given leadership topic and culminate in a concrete call to action. Additionally, each user may document his or her perceived performance levels. Further, each user has access to a variety of tips and manuals dealing with typical leadership situations.  

Shouldn't leaders be able to solve their problems on their own? 
Absolutely. Leada does not solve problems - instead, it enables its users to become better problem solvers.

How much time will it require to use Leada?
On average, processing an impulse takes between three and five minutes. As Leada is available everywhere and at all times, it's usually very easy to fit in. Further, Leada supports its users in structuring their days and investing their time carefully - all in all, Leada users tend to have more free time than they had before!

Do users accept Leada?
Yes, they do! Especially in companies that rely a lot on independent employees, Leada is very popular. Both companies and employees value the opportunity to self-develop. In addition, Leada provides a quick and easy way to get feedback from employees. 

Does Leada make HR redundant?
No. Leada does not replace jobs. Instead, it stabilizes the initiatives of HR in employees' daily lives.

Does Leada control its users? 
No. Individual information is available only to individual users. HR might order aggregated and anonymized data, but not individual data. And while Leada does allow companies to conduct surveys in specific groups, these surveys are anonymous, too.

How are user data stored? 
User data are stored on servers in Germany and are used solely for the communicated purposes. Leada is perfectly in compliance with European and German data protection regulations. 

How do you want Leada to evolve? 
We want Leada to become the best and easiest solution for sustainable leadership development.

Has Leada received any awards? 
Yes, several - the most recent one being the Deutscher Exzellenzpreis in January 2019.