5 apps every leader should know

More focus, more peace, better overview: These apps help you become a better leader

1. Headspace

By now everybody knows what mindfulness is. Yet most people don't know how to actually practise mindfulness. That's where Headspace comes in: This minimalistic app provides dozens of guided meditations. Topics range from conflict management to job satisfaction to mindful exercising. The shortest meditations take only a few minutes, includig some SOS-meditations for acute stress. It's only after a few weeks that the app develops its full potential: Regular meditation actually makes you happier, calmer and gives you better focus. 



2. SelfControl und Freedom

In this digital age, distraction is everywhere - be it news sites or stock trading apps, messenger services or social media. This can diminsh the quality and quantity of the work you get done. Yet you cannot work without your computer or your phone: As a manager, you actually need these tools to do your work. What now? Whe ave good news for you: There's several programs that provide a solution. Programs that block certain sites for a given time. SelfControl and Freedom prevent you from wasting too much time on breaking news, the stock exchange or social media - thereby increasing your productivity.  




3. White Noise

Focus is key. You will achieve more if you're able to work with concentration. But if you've ever tried to work on a plane or on a train you know that this is not always easy. People are talking, there's movement, there are plenty of stimuli asking for your attention. This is where White Noise comes in: This super-simple program generates a steady, undistinct noise that absorbs everything - just like rain would. The next time you find yourself on a busy train, pull on your earplugs - and regain your focus!



4. Audible

It almost goes without saying: Read. Read a lot. And then some. Thereby, you constantly broaden your horizon - in times of permanent change, this is key. Yet many people just don't have tome to read a lot. They have stuff to do, right? This is where Audible comes in: This app reads to you. Thus you are free to do whatever you want. Why not listen to a book while exercising, driving or cooking? 



5. Leada

Leadership is not an innate talent that you have or you don't. Leadership is a skill that you're allowed to learn, to practise and to optimize. This is why we created Leada: Through daily nano impulses, Leada will help you perfectionize your leadership. Amongst others, it gives you advice for conflict situations and efficiency increases and it identifies your performance peaks during the day and during the week. In short: Leada helps you develop your leadership - every day.