Are you ready for LeAP?


The Leadership Advancement Program is a free 12-weeks program for Leada that introduces the principles of various leadership styles (transformational, servant, ambidextrous). 


Why? – 5 reasons for LeAP

  • Digital transformation is for the most part a challenge for individuals. LeAP prepares your employees for that challenge.
  • Good leadership is the key to sustainable entrepreneurial success. LeAP introduces your employees to today's most successful leadership styles: transformational, servant and ambidextrous leadership.
  • LeAP increases your employees' performance, satisfaction and motivation. Daily reflections support them in finding and developing their individual strengths and talents. 
  • LeAP sends daily nano-impulses to its users' smartphones. It has been proven that this way of learning is far more effective than conventional methods. 
  • LeAP is based on newest research: management researchers and psychologists of Newcastle University (UK) and Leuphana University (DE) have collaborated in developing the program exclusively for Leada. 


What? – 5 principles of LeAP

  • LeAP qualifies your employees on the job: The program is accessible anywhere and at any time.
  • LeAP is practice-oriented: Each impulse leads to a concrete call to action.
  • LeAP is efficient: Your employees receive two impulses per day. On average, it will take them four minutes to process them.
  • LeAP creates insights: During the program, your employees will repeatedly experience success. This increases their self-effectiveness and improves their motivation.
  • LeAP is flexible: Every user decides on his or her own what impulses to process. LeAP makes offers, but does not create a bad conscience.


How? – 3 steps to accessing LeAP 

  • Register for Leap – here.
  • Download the Leada app (Android/iOs)
  • Log in!

The Leadership Advancement Program will start globally on March 11th, 2019. Register here for free!*



(*Until March 11th you will receive Leada's basic impulses for free.)